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Acupressure speeds up recovery of ankle sprain

Acupressure can improve recovery after acute ankle sprain, leading to shortened disability time, say Chinese clinicians. A total of 62 patients with acute ankle sprains were were randomised to either standard treatment (ST), standard treatment plus acupressure (AP) or standard treatment plus mock acupressure (mock AP). Acupressure treatment consisted of ten minutes of pressure at Yongquan KID-1 on the affected foot, along with pressure at a tender point on the thenar eminence of the contralateral hand. The results showed that the mean volumetric measurement of the foot, ankle and lower leg (a measure of swelling) in the AP group decreased from 185.24 to 62.14 after three sessions of acupressure treatment. This was a statistically significant difference compared with the means of the ST group (119) and the mock AP group (118.18). After the first treatment, the mean range of ankle movement, visual analogue pain scores, and foot and ankle function scores of the AP group were significantly better than those for ST and mock AP. Quality of life scores were also significantly better in the AP group.

Acupressure Therapy for Acute Ankle Sprains: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
PM R. 2017 Jun 19. pii: S1934-1482(17)30666-4.

Quelle: www.jcm.co.uk

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