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Acupuncture at Kŏngzuì (孔最LU 6) for 76 cases of hemorrhoids


To observe the effect of acupuncture at Kŏngzuì (孔最LU 6) for hemorrhoids.

Seventy six cases of hemorrhoids patients, 19 cases were diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids, 25 cases were diagnosed with external hemorrhoids, 32 cases were diagnosed with mixed hemorrhoids , they were treated with acupuncture, Kongzui (孔最LU 6) was perpendicular inserted bilaterally with a depth of 0.5-1cun, and reducing manipulation was performed. Treatment of 24 days were given and the improvement of hemorrhage and pain, the reducement of size of hemorrhoids and the recurrence were compared before and after treatment to evaluate the clinical efficacy.

Sixty eight cases were cured, which accounted for 86.5%, six cases were effective, which accounted for 7.9%, two cases were ineffective, which accounted for 2.6%.

Acupuncture at Kŏngzuì (孔最LU 6) bilaterally has sound effect for treatment of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoid.

Authors: Li Xiu-ye (李秀叶) , Bu He (布赫), Ma Yao (马尧), , Lü Hong-yan (吕红艳)


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