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An Israeli study selected children from 3-13 years (median 6 years) of age with constipation of over 6 months duration and gave either true acupuncture at Xingjian LIV-2, Hegu L.I.-4 and Zusanli ST-36, or sham acupuncture (stratum corneum penetration at non-acupuncture points near the real points). Bowel movements per week rose from 1.4 to 5.6 in female patients after 5 true acupuncture treatments, and from 1.4 to 4.2 in male patients after 10 treatments, whilst there was no improvement in males during the sham acupuncture 5-week period, and only a slight improvement in females. (Broide E, Pintov S, Portnoy S, Barg J, Klinowski E, Scapa E. Digestive Disease and Sciences 2001, Vol.46 (6): 1270-1275).


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