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Acupuncture combined with cupping and circling moxibustion for 40 cases of acne


To observe the clinical therapeutic effects on acne treated with the combined therapy of acupuncture, cupping and circling moxibustion.

At the ratio of 4:3, a total of 70 patients were randomized into an acupuncture-cupping group (40 cases) and a western medication group (30 cases). In the acupuncture-cupping group, acupuncture was used in combination with cupping and circling moxibustion. The therapy was given once every other day for totally 30 days. In the western medication group, the routine medication of minocyline capsules was prescribed, 2 times per day and 30 days were in total.

After the treatment, the total effective rates were 95.00% and 76.67% in the acupuncture-cupping group and the western medicine group respectively, indicating the significant difference in statistic (P < 0.05). In the acupuncture-cupping group, the therapeutic effect was the best for the cases differentiated as heat accumulation in the lung and stomach and the total effective rate was 100%. It was 71.43% for the type of damp-heat of the intestine and stomach and was 70.00% for phlegm-damp stagnation.

Acupuncture combined with cupping and circling moxibustion achieves the superior clinical therapeutic effects as compared with minocyline. This therapy deserves to be promoted in clinical practice.

Autoren: LUJiaming(卢佳铭)a LUZeqiang(卢泽强)b

Publiziert in: World Journal of Acupuncture – Moxibustion

Available online 19 June 2018

Quelle: www.sciencedirect.com

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