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Acupuncture complements wearing spectacles for lazy eye

Acupuncture can complement the use of spectacles to correct anisometropic amblyopia (lazy eye) in children, according to researchers in Hong Kong. Eighty-three children with the condition were randomised to receive spectacles alone (group 1) or spectacles + acupuncture (group 2) for 15 weeks, and the two groups were then crossed over to receive the other regimen for another 15 weeks. In both groups, acupuncture treatment was associated with significant improvement in the visual acuity of the amblyopic eye. (Adjunctive Effect of Acupuncture to Refractive Correction on Anisometropic Amblyopia One-Year Results of a Randomized Crossover Trial. Ophthalmology. 2011 Apr 2.

Quelle: www.jcm.co.uk

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