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Acupunture treatment dosage

How many acupuncture treatments will it take for your patient to see significant improvement?
How many acupuncture treatments should you recommend?


How many acupuncture treatments will it take?
It can be difficult for acupuncturists to estimate the number of treatments it will take. I feel that this should be discussed more during our education.

Here are the guidelines I use to make this estimation, if you’d like to see.
But I wanted to know what other acupuncturist’s experiences are with this. I’d like to be able to guide acupuncturists based on a big sample size, rather than just my own experience.

I’ve asked acupuncturists what their experience has been – how many treatments it usually takes to see significant improvement for various symptoms.

I got more than 180 responses. Here’s what the data shows:

Average treatment time for Acute Back Pain: 3 – 4 treatments


Chronic Back Pain

Average treatments for Chronic Back Pain: 8 – 10 treatments


Digestive Symptoms

Average treatment time for IBS / Digestive Symptoms: 6 – 8 treatments


Migraine Headaches

Average treatment time for Migraine Headaches: 8 – 10 treatments


non-migraine Headaches

Average treatment time for non-migraine Headaches: 4 – 6 treatments



Average treatment time for Fatigue: 8 – 10 treatments



Average treatment time for Insomnia: 8 – 10 treatments


Menstrual Symptoms

Average treatment time for Menstrual Symptoms: 8 – 10 treatments


Anxiety & Depression

Average treatment time for Anxiety & Depression: 8 – 10 treatments


Chronic Injury or Painpng

Average treatment time for Chronic Injury or Pain: 10 – 12 treatments


Acute Injury or Pain

Average treatment time for Acute Injury or Pain: 3 – 4 treatments


Menopausal Symptoms

Average treatment time for Menopausal Symptoms: 8 – 10 treatments


Average treatment time for Fertility: 5 months



Average treatment time for Allergies: 6 – 8 treatments

Average treatment time overall: 8 treatments

If you’d like to download the csvfile of results, click on the image below or here: Acupuncture Treatment Dosage.

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