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Surrounding electroacupuncture needling for breast mass after acute mastitis


To observe the clinical efficacy of surrounding electroacupuncture needling for breast mass after acute mastitis.

Thirty patients with breast mass after acute mastitis who conformed to the inclusion criteria were given surrounding electroacupuncture needling. Acupoint selection: 4–8 needles were needled around the mass and at Zúsānlĭ (足三里ST 36), Sānyīnjiāo (三阴交SP 6), Fēnglóng (丰隆ST 40) and Rŭgēn (乳根ST 18). Electroacupuncture was performed at ST 36, SP 6 and ST 40. The above treatment was once a day. Treatment for 7 times was considered as 1 course of treatment, and 3 weeks were free from treatment between courses. Color ultrasound in breast was used to examine the breast mass before the next course of treatment, treatment can be terminated if the mass disappeared, otherwise, treatment should be continued. Three courses at most were needed.

After 1–3 courses of treatment, 16 patients were cured, accounting for 53.3% (16/30); markedly effective: 8 cases, accounting for 26.7% (8/30); effective: 4 cases, accounting for 13.3% (4/30); ineffective: 2 cases, accounting for 6.7% (2/30).

Surrounding electroacupuncture needling for breast mass after acute mastitis was effective clinically.

Authors: ZhifengXIONG(熊志峰) YongyueWANG(王永悦) HonglinWANG(王鸿林) XiaGAO(高霞) YadongWANG(王亚冬) GangLÜ(吕钢)

Published in: World Journal of Acupuncture – Moxibustion

Volume 28, Issue 2, June 2018, Pages 128-130

Quelle: www.sciencedirect.com

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