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The therapeutic effects of acupuncture in 30 cases of postpartum hypogalactia

The therapeutic effects of acupuncture in 30 cases of postpartum hypogalactia by Zhao Yan et al.

In this report the effects of acupuncture were observed in thirty cases of postpartum hypogalactia. Twenty-five of the women in the group were primiparae and five were multiparae, 27 had scanty milk secretion and three had no milk secretion at all, the age range was from 31 to 36 years and the duration of illness was from two to 30 days. All women received the main points as follows: Shanzhong REN-17, threaded downwards and then manipulated towards the left and right breasts, Shaoze SI-1 and Rugen ST-18. Shanzhong REN-17 and Rugen ST-18 were retained for 30 minutes. In cases of excess with mental depression and breast distension, hardness and pain, Shaoze SI-1 was bled 3-4 drops and Taichong LIV-3 was added with dispersing method. For cases of deficiency with flaccid, empty breasts, poor appetite and weak constitution, Shaoze SI-1 was needled obliquely with twirling manipulation and then warmed with a moxa stick and Zusanli ST-36 was needled with tonification or given mild moxibustion. After one session milk secretion increased in varying degrees in 90% of the women. The treatment was most effective after 3-5 sessions, especially in primiparae who had given birth within a few days, and was progressively less effective as the duration of the illness increased.

Quelle: JTCM March 2006

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