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Acupuncture beats drugs for eye twitching

A study from China has found that acupuncture compares favourably with anticonvulsant drug therapy for the treatment of blepharospasm. Seventy-eight patients with idiopathic blepharospasm were randomised to receive either acupuncture or anticonvulsant medications. Acupoints used were Hegu L.I.-4, Fengchi GB-20, Baihui DU-20, Zanzhu BL-2, Sizhukong SJ-23 and Taiyang M-HN-9. Ahshi points were added for local spasms of the orbicularis oculi muscles. Up to three rows of needles were applied to the muscles, spaced at 0.3cm, with up to five needles per row. Treatment was applied daily for 10 days and therapeutic effects were compared after three 10-day courses of treatment. The total effective rate was found to be greater in the treatment group compared with the control group (93.5% versus 75.0%), which was statistically significant. (Clinical observation on aligned needling in treating idiopathic blepharospasm. J Acupunct Tuina Sci 2013 Apr. 11(2):101-103)

Quelle: www.jcm.co.uk

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