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Acupuncture & neurogenic bladder

One group of patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) and neurogenic bladder received electro-acupuncture at points Zhongji REN-3, Guanyuan REN-4 and Ciliao BL-32 in addition to conventional intermittent catheterisation program (ICP). Compared to a control group who underwent conventional bladder training program with ICP only, the acupuncture patients achieved balanced bladder voiding in a significantly shorter time. It was also found that those who received acupuncture within 3 weeks after injury responded significantly better than those who received acupuncture 3 weeks after injury. The study also found that complete spinal cord injury, either with pronounced detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia in upper motor neuron lesion or with persistent areflexic bladder in lower motor neuron lesion, was not affected by acupuncture (Spinal Cord 1998 Jul;36(7):476-80


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