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Acupuncture reduces pain of osteoporosis

German clinicians have found acupuncture to be effective in producing sustained, clinically relevant pain relief in patients with osteoporosis. In a sham-controlled study, 53 patients received 10 sessions of either verum or sham acupuncture treatment over five weeks. Verum acupuncture consisted of deep needling at specific points according to TCM principles (Shenshu BL-23, Dachangshu BL-25, Weizhong BL-40, Kunlun BL-60, Yanglingquan GB-34, Taixi KID-3 and Bai Hui DU-20, plus a maximum of five individual ah shi points), while sham acupuncture consisted of superficial needling at non-acupuncture points (located at least five centimetres away from the verum acupuncture points). Both groups experienced significant reductions in activity-related pain and pain at rest over time. The verum acupuncture group experienced a significantly greater reduction in mean pain intensity at rest compared with the control group. In the control group, quality of life improved only temporarily post-treatment and declined slightly by the end of the follow-up period. By contrast, patients in the verum acupuncture group experienced continuous and significant improvements in quality of life for up to three months after treatment.

Effects of acupuncture on quality of life and pain in patients with osteoporosis-a pilot randomized controlled trial.
Arch Osteoporos. 2016 Dec;11(1):34.

Quelle: www.jcm.co.uk

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