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Ear acupressure improves allergic rhinitis

Chinese researchers have found that ear acupressure (EAP) results in both short- and long-term improvements in symptoms and quality of life (QoL) for patients with perennial allergic rhinitis (PAR). Two hundred and forty-five participants were randomly assigned to either real or sham EAP groups. Participants received real or sham EAP treatment once a week for eight weeks, and then were followed-up for 12 weeks. Subjects in both groups were additionally instructed to self-administer EAP stimulation three times daily. At the end of the treatment period and follow-up, changes in global QoL score were significantly greater in the real EAP group compared with the sham group. At the end of follow-up, scores for total nasal symptoms, runny nose and eye symptoms in the real EAP group showed a greater reduction compared with the sham group.

Ear acupressure for perennial allergic rhinitis: A multicenter randomized controlled trial. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 2014 Jul-Aug;28(4):e152-7.


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