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The Effects of Acupuncture Treatment in Infertile Patients with Clinical Varicocele


To evaluate the effect of acupuncture on the semen quality of patients with clinical varicocele and their fertility outcomes.

A total of 158 men, with the primary infertility and clinical varicocele were randomized into two groups. The study group underwent a subinguinal microscopic varicocelectomy, and control group without operation. Then, each group was randomized to two sub groups; the first subgroups from them (sub group study 1 and sub group control 1) underwent acupuncture treatment twice a week for 2 months, the next subgroups (sub group study 2 and sub group control 2) underwent sham acupuncture. All subgroups were evaluated by performing spermogramms after 6 months and notifications were made by phone call for the results of their wives pregnancy.

The Effects of Acupuncture Treatment

The pre-treatment sperm parameters were statistically similar in all groups, however, post treatment results were significantly improved in varicocelectomized and acupuncture subgroups in comparison to control sub groups. The pregnancy rate after 24 months follow up in study subgroups were significantly better than control subgroups.

According to our results, in this study acupuncture procedures in primary infertile clinical varicocele patients with semen abnormalities was effective, especially if combined by varicocelectomy

Authors:Ali Asghar Ketabchi  and Shirin Salajegheh, 1Urology Department, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran 2 Anesthesia Department, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

Published in: Nephro-Urol Mon. 2018 November; 10(6):e65451

Quelle: http://numonthly.com/en/articles/65451.html?fbclid=IwAR1oqJCPbqrTjO-eQ7jVsaok46bvzhI6mThM0HAqjPLvKIsPh_IaoLsIYWA

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